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Improvement paths through experiences, places, people and things.

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The only source of knowledge is experience. Albert Einstein

Experio is a “method” that blends consulting and advanced technological components in order to radically change the way Companies and Organisations improve competences, processes and results.

Here are some things that can be done with Experio:

Assessement through theoric quizzes and practical tasks

Evaluation of tasks by teachers/trainers and tutors

Registration of experiences and interactions during lectures and/or workshops

Registration of experiences in specific places through geolocalized tasks

Tracking the exchange of knowledge between people

Monitoring of effective results through third party softwares (API Application Programming Interface)

Automatic recording of experiences connected to interaction with people by means of wearable devices

Automatic tracking of experiences through IoT devices connected to buildings or machinery

Realisation of interactive learning paths using exclusive BLE devices

Registration of experiences through photographic tasks

Tracking of experiences through barcode reading (also with quiz options)

Gamification of paths through badges, classifications and contests

Digitalization of the classroom management through computerized roll call and electronic survey

You can obviously do online courses and check quizzes

We listen to Users and Practitioners to create new features and reagister new types of experiences…

Experio is based on the new international standard Experience Api that allows companies to register the experiences that occur in their organization with a common, interoperable, endlessly extensible language.

Experio is an “Experience Provider”: that is, a system which allows to generate the conditions so the people in your organization can register thousands (millions!) of experiences according to this extraordinary new technologic standard.

Experio is “LRS Indipendent”, that is it works no matter what LRS it is. If you already own an LRS we’ll be happy to send to it thousand of experiences to help you planning your projects of improvement you need.

If you are new to xAPI and you don’t own an LRS, no problem. You can use ours since your first Experio project. And if you want to have one just for you we’ll help you choosing the one that fits your needs the most. And you won’t loose any of your registered experiences.

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