We”dress” people
and places for training

We pick the best technologies to create wearable device and interactive spaces.

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This is probably the more innovative element of Experio.

When we embraced Experience API, we knew that its potentials were wider than the limits of traditional training (as we are used to know).

So we decided to study a brand new approach to make those potentials real.

During last years technology offered us two huge trends: Wearable Devices and Internet of Things.

We  declined those trends trying to adapt to Experience API and building Experio in order it could be able to take advantage of them.


This Unit will growth in the future, taking in the needs of our Clients and our Practitioners. At the moment we have three different devices:  two for people and one for things.

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A made to measure service

We are not the same. Each project can have different needs: do not need ble module? Do you need a photo camera on board? Do you need an armoured case?

We design and realize the devices needed by our Customers, using (as usual) creativity, technology and consultancy.

Please, contact us and tell us your needs.

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