LOTR (The Fellowship Of The Ring)

(in plain xAPI)

Ladies and gentlemen…

When we started thinking about this communication project on xAPI we dreamed about involving the most important experts of the standard and the most appreciated contributors of the xAPI Community.

Sometimes dreams come true. We start our ”Special Edition Series” with a bang. This poster is guest edited by Mr. Andrew Downes, Learning and Interoperability Consultant at Watershed.

Nicola Mastrorilli (N.M.) Hi Andrew, thank you for your guest editing of “Famous movies in Plain xAPI”. The movie you’ve chosen made me change the first question. What’s your relationship like with LOTR Movies (and obviously books)?

Andrew Downes (A.D.) To my shame, I’ve never actually read the LOTR books. I plan to read them with my children when they’re a little older. My wife and I bought the film trilogy boxed set (on VHS!) and watched them on honeymoon, so they’re associated with happy memories. I also enjoyed the Hobbit series that came out more recently.

(N.M.) You’ve chosen a movie that had changed the rules. 2001 was the year of release of “LOTR Fellowship of the Ring” and “Scorm 1.1”. Tell us something about Andrew Downes in 2001.

(A.D.) 2001 was a couple of years before I went to university. I was studying Maths, Physics and Economics at school. I think 2001 may have been the year I met my wife, but possibly that was 2000.

Picked scene

(N.M.) You’ve picked a scene that we could define “founding” for LOTR’s saga. Why this scene?

(A.D.) I thought that would be a good scene for an xAPI statement since it includes all the main characters to do an xAPI group. And since it’s about a meeting, I was able to follow the attendance recipe when authoring the statement.

We have translated this moment into an Experience API statement. Here’s a full view of the statement.


(N.M.) Let’s read the statement. I’m a LOTR fan too. I find inside the statement so many references to the LOTR world…  What does this teach us about Statement Design, Andrew?


(A.D.) I tried to include a few ‘easter eggs’ in the statement, especially around the email address domains to indicate the organizations the attendees at the council represent. The timestamp date (25th October 2018) is actually the right date in Middle-earth’s third age. You’ll also notice some multi-language parts of the statements. “sjn” is actually the official ISO representation of Sindarin, the main Elvish language at the time of the council. The Elvish is based on an online translation tool I found; I’m not sure how accurate it is!

(N.M.) Last question. Last movie you loved?

(A.D.) I really enjoyed the recent Han Solo movie. I thought it was a great story and drew on the previous Star Wars just the right amount, without being too similar.

Thanks to Andrew Downes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview. If you want to taste the power of Experience API in your Organisation, or simply want a poster please contact us.

The Lord of the Rings is used here only to illustrate the examples in this blog post. Experio and Watershed are not associated with, sponsored by, or affiliated with New Line Cinema.