The dirty dozen

We are selecting the best professionals that are working on innovative trends in order to build a ”dream team”, that could help us to promote Experio’s Method bringing it to a whole new level.

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The Practioners Program

Experio is a method based on the innate human desire of improvement. We are searching for people that help Companies and Organisations to make these improvements, leading them in the process. The program has both popular and commercial goals.

What we offer

  1. Customization.  First of all we respect the vaule inherent in our Practioners activities. We select them because we esteem them: we are searching for people that excel in their sectors. Once we find them, we let that Experio maximise the know-how and the experience of Practioners, adapting Experio on them.
  2. Training. Experio is a method built on a mix of technology and consultancy. We offer to our Practitioners training opportunities on all the elements of Experio. It’s a continuous process.
  3. Support. We are ready to support our Practitioners during the entire process (both in promotion and execution phases).
  4. Marketing and communication. Experio Practitioners are ”equipped” with brochure, Demo SmartBox (even customised), pins, stickers, etc. .  Practitioners are also involved inside the web and social ecosystem of Experio, as well as webinars, workshops and other live events.
  5. Revenues e commercial fees. Experio’s Practitioners benefit by a revenues and commercial fees system, every time an Experio’s project starts.  It’s a schema, not a dogma: we choose the right agreement, evaluating with the Practitioner his network and his potential opportunities.

What we search for

  1. Passion. Making Experio was hard and it took us 4 years. We got over many adversities just thanks to a great passion.  We search for people with the same passion, applied in different sectors. We are sure that Experio will excite our Practitioners.
  2. Commitment. NWe don’t want misunderstandings: Experio is a structured method and it deserves time and fatigue to be understood and applied. Time for training, time for customization, fatigue for popularisation. Wa are also committed: time and fatigue will be rewarded!
  3. Authority. Experio is, from an innovation point of view, the state of the art of ”technology applied to training”. We are searching for people that are recognised for their know-how and experience in their sector. It will be a winning combination.
  4. Enthusiasm.  We want to involve our Practioners in our marketing campaign and we would like that they make the same thing.
  5. Sales opportunities. The Practitioners Program aims to promote Experio inside Companies and Organisations. So we are searching for professionals that bring it to their Customers, helping also in the execution phase (both as Account and Project Manager). We make a commercial plan with each Practitioner, designing it on his peculiarity.

We are not all the same: time and background make the difference. For that reason we have set different levels of the Program.

The first Level is Experio’s Ambassador.

It means that you promote Experio’s Method, you are able to show it through a standard demo smartbox, but, when a Customer requires a project, this one is lead and executed directly by the Experio’s Team.

The Ambassador receives a commercial fee for each project.

Ambassadors benefit from all the training opportunities during the program.

The upper level is Experio’s Practitioner.

It means that you promote Experio’s Method, you’re able to show it through a custom demo smartbox , and, when a Customer requires a project, you are directly involved in the execution phase (both as Experience Analyst and as Account and Project Manager). Practitioner benefits from fees about the commercial result and the activities of project.

Practitioners benefit from all the training opportunities during the program. During the first project they are constantly supported by Experio’s Team.

Practitioners Program is made for indipendent professionals or small group of consultants (companies under 3 employees) with very high know-how and important authority in the market, even if on niche topics.

We are working on a Certified Partner Program for greater Companies that want to add Experio to their value propositions.

This formula will be flexible, according to the features of the Company.

Our Practitioners

We are not choosing Practitioners at random. We want to build an Innovation Framework that could address actual (and future) needs of Companies in the AI and Big Data Era.  We try to avoid duplicates, so we can give prominence to each Practitioner.

Nicola Mastrorilli

Information Design

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Business Modeling

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Social Media

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Web Analytics

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Lean & Agile

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Internet Of Things

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Machine Learning & AI

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Business Writing

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Retail Buying

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Visual Merchandising

This is just the first dozen. If you are an Expert of one of this topic, please contact us and we’ll be glad to talk with you.