Put the improvement
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Try the Experio App and discover how this method can change forever your way to learn and improve yourself.

Experio is a “method” that is wider than a simple Application. The mobile App is a good point to start knowing Experio.  We have made it to let users track experiences everywhere: in a classroom, in an office, during a trip, at home.

What do i find inside the App? Experio is a method that we configure according the needs of our Customers. We make this set-up using well structured outlines and procedures that let us to adapt the method to different scenarios:

  1. improving a competence;
  2. improving a process;
  3. improving a result.

Inside the App you will find an e-journey (this is how we call the learning paths) of the first type. The e-journey  leads you to improve your confidence with Experience Api, the tech standard that is the foundation of Experio.

It’s just an example (brief and simplified) but it bring you inside the Experio’s method.

This kind of learning paths lead the User to improve a competence.

We have studied a simple but effective Compentence Model.

  1. In a first phase we measure the initial levels of competence through a triple assessment: we evaluate theoretical knowledge, practical skills and behavioural attitude. We made this using quizzes and practical tasks.
  2. In a second moment we offer a brief video lesson with the instructions to improve the competence. In this demo learning path this phase contains just a video but we can put in this phase online courses, classroom sessions, webinars, and other training contents.
  3. The final phase repeats a new triple assessment, letting you to measure the effective improvement (or its lack).
We put Experio in a box…

Experio’s world is greater than the App. In order to let you know it we have made some Smartbox containing all the typical  scenarios  of the method. The video beside here will show you how amazing can be an Experio’s e-journey.

Ask for you DEMO SMARTBOX.

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