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Why we made Experio.

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Experio is the result of years of sacrifices and great effort. Who knows us knows the passion that has shaped the birth and the development of this project, as well as the determination to achieve something radically new.

Consequently, it is important to explain the reasons that brought us to develop Experio. They are mainly three. One is related to the general context, the second one to specific trends of the sector we work in, the third is due to a personal experience.

We live and work in a “data spinner”

Let’s start with the general context. Times are changing from an economical, social, and technological point of view.

Also our way of working is changing: the intense pressure we are under, the amount of information we have to manage, the need to be connected and operational (anywhere and anyway). The urgent need to achieve business results is getting stronger and stronger, in this increasing competition.

Don’t we all feel the need to improve ourselves everyday?
It is not just an individual’s feeling: companies and workers are all in this together, searching for a continue improvement of results, competences, motivation.

New paradigms for learning

And now we look at what is happening in the sector we work in, the training industry (paying attention to the technologies and the methods applied to it).
In a context such as the one described above, training and technology have become the key elements for a company and its employees to succeed.

The e-learning industry, after more than a decade of technological deadlock, is living a period full of initiatives, in order to give new technological support to the sector for the next 10-20 years (and even more). The birth of Experience Api is making the operators of the sector radically rethink the Learning and Development’s paradigms. XAPI is not the only news. Open Badges, CMI-5 and others similar initiatives enrich and strenghten the movement suggesting that xAPI will soon overstep the boundaries of e-learning.

The technologies for sharing information (also through mobile devices), the Internet of things, the proximity marketing offer possibilities that were unthinkable until yesterday.

A hot day in Milan

The general context and a specific sector’s conditions wouldn’t have been enough. It was a personal experience to give us the decisive boost to create Experio.

Six years ago Andrea and I created a society whose primary aim was to use mobile technology to innovate the way companies and organisations shared information, their training method, their way to watch reports. We laboriously conceived a solution that linked the different matters together but it lacked of a strong bond that could make theese three fields interact with each other (collaboration, training and analytics).

We were still searching for this secret ingredient when, almost 4 years ago, I took part in an event in Milan in which two protagonists of the new standard Experience Api explained its potentials and tried to picture some future scenarios. Aaron Silvers and Mike Rustici talked with extraordinary passion of the potentials of the standard and I was amazed by their speeches.

It was a brainwave. That was the universal “language” which could let us combine our three fields. Here’s the “grammar” which could translate everything that happens inside an organisation. Here’s the secret to mix such different ingredients together.

The enthusiasm didn’t make us forget that there still were many elements to include, it was a long way to go. We rolled up our sleeves and we studied , we experienced, interpreted, analyzed everything new along this technological edge, trying to apply common sense and experience in order to bring ideas and principles into reality.

Experio was born from there. And right in this moment I am realizing that at the heart of it there are two things that make the human being so unique: its natural inclination to improve and the ability to turn the experiences into knowledge.

Now you know why Experio was born. The rest of the website tells you what it is and how it works.

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