xAPI what?

The international standard that will change radically the way we learn and improve ourselves.

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Experio is a method that is designed and built on the solid basis of Experience API (aka Tin Can Api).  It’s a revolution that, born inside the e-learning industry, is rapidly extend its influence to the entire business enviroment of “data driven” Companies and Organizations. We have made this page to explain (to non e-learning pros) what is  Experience API (xAPI).


The best analogy to describe xAPI is this one: Experience Api is a set of rules to record and share experiences, just like a Grammar for a language.


The Grammar isn’t enough. The international community is actively sharing verbs and nouns to use in common way. This Vocabulary is very important and you need to consult it before to design a xAPI project.


The standard is a live entity… The first year has brought recipes to share a standard way to describe and record specific sets of experiences. In 2017 a more ambitious programm has been launched (  xAPI PROFILES ) and it will build the total interoperability of xAPI’s data.


We are not alone with xAPI. There is a huge community of companies and developers that are working with/on the standard to make it simpler, more effective and widely adopted.

The basics of xAPI: the properties of a statement.

We can describe the new international standard Experience Api as a set of bricks with specific properties. With this bricks you can build statements that describe the experiences. More bricks you use, more detailed (and more useful) is the recorded information.


Is the protagonist of experience, the one who make something. The Actor is the subject of statement and can be a single person or a group. This is really important because with xAPI you can record personale experiences and collective experiences. Each person is recognised by xAPI compliant systems using e-mail address or OpenId. Each person can have multiple accounts (for example one for personal use and another one for work).


It’s the heart of experience. The verb describes what is made by the Actor. The experiences are recorded just once completed.

xAPI standard is written in English language, but it’s possible to add also translations to the statement. Choosing a verb is free but it’s always better to read the Registry and study the best practices to find the best design of the statement.


The object of the statement can be a thing (“a book”) or a person (“Nicola”).
This is really important because the standard let you to record the interactions between people inside an organisation.


Sometimes an experience needs a property that could describe the result obtained through the experience: for example when you are recording a quiz experience it’s important to record also the earned points or the positive or negative result.


This property is optional but it’s very important in order to give a context to the experience and to give meaning to the overview of data. You can record for example the group of activities to which the experience is linked or what teacher is holding a class, or the gps coordinates).


Experiences are recorded once they are completed, but they can be recorded in a next moment. The Lrs records the time of experience, but also the time of the recording (the next property).


As we told for the previous properties times of experiences and of recordings are separate. Mobile devices (often used to track experiences) can hold the statement (when there’s no internet connection) and send it in a next moment (when connection is active).


This property provides information about whom or what has asserted that this Statement is true. It can be an Agent (a Person or a Group) or another Entity (for example an Application).


Experience Api standard is stable but it has progressive versions. It’s important to define which version are you using in a project.


As we are used with many softwares and apps, xAPI let the user to attach a file to experiences (pictures, docs or videos).

We have created a specific e-journey dedicated to the Basics of xAPI. It’s available for everyone downloads the Experio’s App. It’s a good starting points for who wants to approach the standard.