“I like to design paths that could lead people to discover how information design can help them to communicate and find stories inside data.”

Nicola Mastrorilli

“I’m sure that Experience API could radically change the way Companies and Organisations evolve. The first step is understand the potentials of xAPI. This is my mission.”

Nicola Mastrorilli

This page is about Nicola Mastrorilli, Experio’s Practitioner since 2016.

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Born in Milan 45 years ago, Nicola works since 1996 in the Retail Industry, following many IT projects. In 2006 became IT Consultant managing multiple implementation project (Crms, E-learning Platforms, BI Tools, etc.).

This background gives him a great focus on business intelligence and on training areas. In 2011 he created, with Andrea Vestidello, Realthink: 6 years later they complete the launch of Experio. Fond of technology, he teaches about Information Design e dell’Ed-Tech tools in important institutes: Digital Accademia, Unindustria Treviso, Sive, etc…). He works as Mentor inside the accelleration program H-Camp (H-Farm spa).

Once marathon runner, today Nicola chases his little daughter Agata.

E-journeys “Powered by Experio” designed by Nicola

Nicola works on two subjects. The first one is Experience Api (the new ed-tech standard) and he brings it inside the Italian Companies with different levels od deepening.

The second subject is the Information design, the discipline that combines visual communication and data storytelling. Nicola’s offer is really wide. Here we have just a selection of it, with the e-journeys powered by Experio.