Let’s see the numbers

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Let’s see the numbers

We live a world of data (today we say Big Data). Our works are based on data. Every day someone ask us to “see the numbers”…

The e-journey teaches how important is Information Design to present data in an effective way and how visual perception works inside human body. Through practical examples and experiential tasks it explains the best techniques and tools to make state of the art charts and tables.

The e-journey (that ideally lasts 8 weeks) includes: one instructor-led classroom session (1 day), multiple video lessons, over 100 tasks / experiences carefully designed by Nicola Mastrorilli, his direct tutoring, one smartbox with exclusive didactic materials. Tasks and experiences will be available before and after the classroom session.

Once bought the e-journey (minimum quantity 12 persons) Organisation will be contacted in order to plan location and date of the classroom session (according to Customer’s needs). Travelling costs are not included.


The e-journey is designed for people that need to make reports or present data (no matter what corporate division they work in). The e-journey refers to Microsoft Excel as main reporting tool.