xAPI’s Anatomy

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xAPI’s Anatomy

This e-journey aims to improve the knowledge about the international standard Experience API (also known as xAPI and previously as Tin Can API). It’s an advanced e-journey that requires a good know-how of e-learning standards and a basic knowledge of Experience Api.

The e-journey (that ideally lasts 8 weeks) includes: one instructor-led classroom session (1 day), multiple video lessons, over 60 tasks / experiences carefully designed by Nicola Mastrorilli, his direct tutoring, one smartbox with exclusive didactic materials. Tasks and experiences will be available before and after the classroom session.

Once bought the e-journey (minimum quantity 12 persons) Organisation will be contacted in order to plan location and date of the classroom session (according to Customer’s needs). Travelling costs are not included.


The e-journey is designed for managers that work in HR or IT Department and are in charge of corporate training and/or business performances. They usually manage large organisations  or retail chains. The other e-journey  “xAPI for beginners” is to be considered as introductory. These two e-journey can be bought together (in a workshop formula) contacting directly Nicola Mastrorilli.