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This page is usually about the presentaton of the Team. Experio is a project by Realthink and we explained here why it was created. In this page we would like to focus on WHO we think would benefit greatly from Experio.

We all want to improve ourselves and today’s world leads us to learn for all of our life in a lifelong learning path.

Consequently, Experio’s method can be applied to many different contexts, that’s why we contact a wide range of Customers and Partners. Here we have reported the main ones but we’ll probably keep on adding the new ones we meet.

Because we also wish to continue to improve ourselves.

HR Managers of Companies and big Organisations

We obviously address HR manager of medium and large companies which want to move on to the “data driven” human resources’ world.

Training plans, classroom and online fomation, workshops, tutorship, mentorship or coaching programmes… all this can be enhanced by Experio thanks to the use of both an international standard such as Experience Api and a project method based on data.

Getting to the point…

In this case our Customers already do a lot of formation (both in classroom and online) with many suppliers. What they surely lack is a common language and a framework  that allows them to recreate a more global company’s scenario. With experio you can approach all that program gradually, from a simple illustrative workshop to the registration of all the organisation’s experiences.

Consultancy and Training Companies

One of the main users of Experio are the Consultancy and training companies that operate in the abovementioned organisations.

And who better than them can undertake the continue improving path offered by Experio.

We assist those companies helping them to apply the Experio’s method to the way they play consultancy, allowing them to radically innovate their offer.

Getting to the point…

Once again there’s no need to change everything at once. The Experio approach always propose a step-by-step process. You start with an illustrative workshop to understand the revolutionary nature of Experience Api, you try firsthand Experio and we understand the added value that is imparted by the consultants and the trainers of the Company, and finally we can (together) enhance the business model and the value proposition.

Training Institutions and Corporate Accademies

Reading in detail the Experio’s features it is possible to see that through the application of this method it is possible to smarten some spaces where learning and improving experiences take place.

Private Training Institutions, Corporate Academies, Experiencial Workshops, they own classes and every year they run thousands of training hours with thousands of participants.

Getting to the point…

The first step is the digitalization of the whole classroom process (before, during and after) through electronic roll call, registration of classroom interactions and electronic survey. You start to register thousands of experiences and you gradually link them to places, creating a real learning environment.

Museums and exhibition areas

In this spaces that accomodate visitors you can use Experio to register the experiences made inside there.

Museums, exhibition areas, festivals, expos… they all are important Customers that can radically innovate the ways of enjoying spaces, enriching the users experience.

Getting to the point…

People can interact with places through physical objects with a barcode and wireless devices. This way it is possible to build interactive paths of the places with educational contents and interactions, also gamifying the use of the place and making the experience last for long.

Companies that organise events

Experio’s features are also suitable for events, which are nothing but a full-of-experiences box.

The starting point for who organises events shall be the question: “What do my event participants want to improve? What do they want to experience?”.

Experio allows people taking part in events to achieve the improvement desired through an experience-and -interaction-based customised path.

Getting to the point…

As usual, the approach is very flexible. For some events it may be interesting to exchange some interactions before, meanwhile and after the event, whereas other events can be totally rethought with Experio as experience-based journeys with tasks and missions and a massive use of the gamification elements of Experio.

Schools and Universities

Of course also schools and universities can benefit from Experio.

It’s not our main market, however we work on some very innovative projects expecially trying to use next-generation wearable devices.

Getting to the point…

In this case our approach focuses on classroom experience, with the possibility of going beyond the mobile device concept (some students are not allowed to use smartphones) using our wi-fi low-cost device.

Retailers and Vendors

This is our last example but we actually think that it can be an important Customer in the future.

Marketing and communication supporting the selling of a product do more and more education and information campaigns for the future Customers.

Experio can be the method that leads the customers to the discovery of the values and the contents that are trasmitted by a product (or a service) itself.

Getting to the point…

We happen to design tasting paths of exclusive spirits telling the story behind those spirits and using experience-based tasks linked to them. It can also be a campaign to inform on the beneficial effects of doing sports outdoor to support commercial events about this topic. If the Customer needs to be trained, Experio is the best way to do it.

If you identify yourself with one of these Customers, you’re probably curious to taste Experio. Please contact us and tell us what do you want to improve.